Coinapp points coins or?


Anyone any have any idea what the coinapp numbers =
I.e. 1 = 1 xyo or doller or 0.0000000000001 of a cent.
Hope its not like green shield stamps where you had to collect 10million stamps to swap for a pencil.
Sorry you youger guys will not know of green shield stamps or maybe even pencils


I’m a goal oriented guy myself and it would be great to know when you get to 10,000 what that equates to. XYO token (or % of).


I use this app to monitor the price.

Right now 1 xyo = 0.00194605 gbp.

But it does seem that since they released the two video’s yesterday the price has been falling.


It will probably drop for little while cause by allowing mining too take place, they are allowing 3000+ people to acquire XYO tokens, in a sense same as increasing a public volume pool of a common stock, therefor increasing commonality of the equity, which will drop the price initially. Buuut I have a great feeling once Bound Witness, Proof of Location, Smart Contracts, Data/Location queries, etc, start happening, we will see corporations and trends get involved…Then Boom to The Moon Alice! To the Moon! Hopefully we can keep mining like nuts and add a nice chunk to our already held tokens. I plan on purchasing more thru exchanges, but this is such an amazing way of getting the investors involved and spreading the tech and the word!


@ReconCatLord i think that xyo has been tard with the same brush as all other crypto on exchanges… i.e “get rid of them, they have no uses”. This will be wrong with xyo, but at this exact moment in time is not. I think the increased avalibility is a secondary cause.


@GeorgeM I definitely agree with that, I think most ppl, even some cryptocurrency fans heard about XYO and figured just another crypto, and immediately compared it to Bitcoin or the 100k other cryptos out there, but they never looked into the tech behind the scenes or the road map.


XYO is unique and we’re so priveledged to be aware!!! I’m HODLing quite a bit. And I actually like seeing the price take a bit of a dip since I can buy more on the exchanges with each paycheck from this (TEMPORARY!) 9-5 job :hugs: