Clocking on and off for work!


Companies could use this technology for staff clocking in and out of work!

Especially delivery drivers that start or stop from home or office!!

The Company would know what location that member of staff was at and at what time and the staff members could get paid automatically for the hours worked!

Cut out alot of timesheets clocks Blah ! Blah!


Could also pay drivers more for safer driving :slight_smile: Potentially saving the company from staff off due accident and insurance costs!
If they get routes completed efficiently etc etc etc


I need to buy more XYO the possibilities are endless!


is there only 3 or 4 of us in here? :frowning:


Hi…Ive noticed on the news lately …big Hotels are starting to use panic buttons for employees and especially for housekeeping maids … in the event of assault or other emergency. I’m hoping XYO is on this! The hotel would be mapped out. employees carry on their keychain or person like a necklace.


1 maybe apps like tinder or meetup can use XYO to ensure last know location with validation form both phone…
2 police and use the sticker or something else that to help track… removing a need for car chase
3 people on bond bail


Keep in mind that XYO is not intended as a real-time location tracking solution… .like for a car chase or something. Its more location certainty and historical information on locations.
It would be perfect for a child predator who is not allowed within 200 M or a school zone, or a restraining order application where someone is not allowed within some distance from another person or a location.
That could be monitored, tracked and reported on, so the scum bag in question could be arrested for breaking those orders.


Having a restraining order = Questionable.
Breaking a restraining order = Scumbag.

No offence to you friend, I’m sure he’s the salt of the earth.


Where do you buy XYO coins/tokens? Could you please show or let me know? Thank you so much in advance

#11 you can get there the official site.
or you can get form form idexx or ddex

there are exchanges that currently list xyo tokens but if you really wanna help xyo then buy form the gamma sales