Building a Bridge?


How would a person build a bridge using a raspberry pi?


Well I guess the first question to ask is which os would be the best? A buddy shared this with me, but now I wonder will sdk run on raspbian?

Bear with me, I am not a programmer :slight_smile:


Looks to me like there is some build.gradle support for rpi in various forums I’m working on it myself I will let you know if I pull it off.


Plug and play with android


Hi Darnoc, Your question here is the closest I have found to my way of thinking. I too have attempted to follow the GitHub on both my RPis , my WAMP system on W7 and my UBUNTU powerhouse on the web and have got absolutely nowhere. I am sitting here with 9 computers in my study ( 4 x RPi - most of the range ) and thus I believe that XYO have to follow a Linux/UNIX build. How come no-one is answering your request??
To day I see an advert for XYO Geomining Kit which includes 1 x XYO Geomining Kit. If this thing works I have to assume that it would run on code similar to the above so why do you not get a reply. I must say that having spent LOTs of my (very limited pension) money on XYO so far I am becoming increasingly worried.
Have you had ANY replies to this?


Ive already reverse engineered the mining kit bridge and ran the sdk archivist. Its ok we are in this together I will have some more info on dev and will be available to anserw questions. I dont work for xyo Im an opportunist You have enough hardware to get a network set up I will have a tutrial soon. I just got my kit Im ready to develop now.


Hey Blockchain, I have a Raspberry PI 3 B+ Is it possible to install the bridge software from Github and buying sentinels instead of buying a full kit?

I also saw your other post regarding archivist build, is this done using a PI?

Any info would be great

Cheers Keagan


I am also very interested in this question. I have a couple Pis, a few pcs, and a couple corporate server grade hardware available. How ever I am a net admin at work so some there is a knowledge gap. Looking for more information on the bridge, archivist and diviner.



Nothing to worry, XYO has taking over…


What model of Raspberry Pi is required to run the XYO software?

I’m spooling up to a project that I’m interested in…and thats building as many permanent location bridges that DO NOT need batteries in order to run. But I must first determine which Raspberry Pi can run the software…

Anyone have the info I’m looking for?




The one that came with my kit is a pi 3 B+, which makes sense due to built in wifi and bluetooth.

I made an image of the SD card, but writing a new card and sticking it in a different raspberry pi 3B+ would not boot up. Stick the new card in the original pi that came with the kit and it boots just fine. I’m guessing its looking at the mac address of the pi, and probably this is tied to the public key of the bridge.

Hopefully they release an install script at some point that will set up the bridge software on a new pi.