Beachside bars and resorts to use XYO for frosty beverage delivery via drone


The most important Use Case for XYO the Ipshop can think of is to give unimpeachable geo location data for a drone bringing the Ipsbop’s favorite frosty, cold beverage from a beachside resort or bar via drone, into hand, payment on delivery😉


Or at sandals where you pay with a bracelet. Drink-o-bot!


Now this is a use-case I can get behind @Ipshop :rofl:

The question is-- how do you summon said drone to bring you delicious frosty drinks if let’s say you’re in a pool?


King’s Walk Golf course in North Dakota has this service… a startup drone company called Flytrex uses a phone app to get golfers orders.


Your iwatch can pinpoint your location!