Battery life could be a major issue


I’m just going to get new batteries and replace the batteries for the sentinels I’m going to be deploying in various locations. That way I know for sure the batteries are fresh. And the batteries I replaced, I’m putting that aside and reuse when the sentinels I carry around start getting low battery warning.



Bluetooth sucks to begin with!!!

Bluetooth kills your battery in your phone!

There is no way a battery running a Bluetooth device can last 5 months, let alone 5 years. Where do they come out with saying the sentinels’ battery can last 5 year???

I’m a computer programmer that’s worked with BTL, RFID and other tracking technology and Bluetooth is the worst!

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Maybe they last 5 years before using them and then die after 5 days

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Since this thread just keeps on going I want to point out to all of you again that there is too much misinformation and misunderstanding about the batteries.
3032H = Rechargeable
3032 = One time use.

Rechargeable batteries have a much different output/draw profile than single use batteries. Rechargeables will hold a charge well but as lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode, it becomes saturated and the battery, despite showing some charge, will not produce the required Amperage.
Non rechargeables have a solid core chemical anode and cathode. They will continue to deliver roughly the same output until the anode is chemically consumed.

The upshot of these facts are this;
Rechargeables {R} will deliver the required output until they reach a certain point and then will exponentially drop to zero.
Non-rechargeables {NR} will deliver the required output as the anode is consumed and is logarithmic in nature as the output declines. It will just keep working until the anode is completely consumed.

So {R} works and suddenly stops, {NR} works until the battery completely dies and then starts leaking nasty crap into your device because the chemical reaction continues to take place.

Save your rechargeables when you get fresh 3032s to replace them. The rechargeables are significantly more expensive, and I plan on buying a recharger rather than spend $35 on batteries every couple of months (weeks?).

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ric - I’ve looked for a charger for a 3032H, and have not really found much available. If you find a charger for them let us know what it is.



This DIY (he’ll sell you the circuit board) looks like it’s on the right track:

Unfortunately it’s for the 2450, and I can’t tell from the photo if the slot for the cell is wide enough to handle a 3032. As someone else said, 30 is the width and 32 is the height of the cell, so we’d want space for a wider and thinner button cell.



I’m working with a friend on a cheap DIY project for this. These batteries are mainly used as back-up batteries or CMOS batteries for portable electronics. They are usually recharged via the device itself when connected to a PSU. It should be very easy to come up with a simple trickle charger. I’ll post when we figure it out.

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I’m going to purchase one of these:

and see if I can take it apart to just use the recharging hardware inside. Should only take a month to get here.



I am new to all this. This stuff is so very confusing to me. All I know is I took a chance to hopefully make some money in the future of Blockchain by getting in early. My first question is this… Can I give my sentinels to family to mine for me and having them download Coin so I register it to my account in order for it to go to my account? Second question is about my sentinels. I’ve actually had issues with them stressing connected and from what I’ve been reading apparently it’s the batteries which I did suspect. One of my sentinels was already DOA when I started everything up. There was a second one that was ticking like a time bomb waiting to go boom and it would click click click then make the sound like it was coming online, stop ticking for a few seconds and then start ticking again until it repeated the process all over again. Again I assumed it was a battery issue and removed the battery finally in both. I planned to go online and buy batteries for it but I can’t seem to find the batteries that are on it. The battery has CR3032H on it yet I can’t find any with that exact battery code. I’m only finding the CR3032 series batteries. Are they the same thing? I think one said it was a high capacity battery and I’m guessing the other isn’t? So I wasn’t sure if they would work the same or not. I hope you or anyone else can help me. I replied to your post because from what I’ve read you seem to know more about this than most others and sorry for anyone else I’m not trying to degrade you guys it’s just my perception of what he said in response to everyone else about being able to use this on multiple devices without the use of the bridge. If there’s a way to chat between just the two of us or if you can find a way to better explain this all to me in a way that I can understand it, that would be very helpful and I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide to me. Thanks in advance



I thought the batteries last 5 years?
False advertising is a crime; isn’t it?



It seems it was misleading…eventually someone in charge needs to address us all. I went on Amazon and ordered batteries. I just spent $20.00 and some change…



Hey all, Sorry for the absence, Army life got crazy again. I am back, thank you for the likes and comments, keep them coming! Looking forward to Aristotle, Can’t wait to use the Bridge!



I couldnt find them in any store up here. Had to order off Amazon



@mikefxd Use ebay or Amazon, don’t bother trying to get name brand ones either, Ive sampled couple different types, used my voltmeter on them, they all were the same, in fact, no frills ones were a tad better then energizer ones

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Welcome, coinhunter! The H at the end of the CR3032 means it’s rechargeable. The Sentinels come with rechargeable batteries inside, so if any are dead (or ever become dead), don’t throw them away! CR3032 batteries can be purchased on Amazon, but none of the ones I’ve seen there were rechargeable. As for chargers, the community here is still figuring out what the best idea is for charging. CR3032 batteries are much much more expensive than the popular CR2032, so buying batteries could get expensive. Of course, like all batteries, non-rechargeables last longer than rechargeables if you look at only one charge cycle.

The official recommendation is to set up each app or device with a different COIN account. You can then redeem the XYO Tokens into the same wallet later. The folks at XYO said that it may become a problem down the road if a Sentinel or Bridge is linked to two different phones (because the phones share one account), so that’s why they recommend a separate account on each phone.

Ticking means a Sentinel’s battery is low.



Mine do the same and I did the black button thing on each from another post, same problem.

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Any updates on this?

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Actually I was planning on giving a sentinel to my sister and my mother who are both on different accounts so I don’t think that would apply to me as far being linked but I’m sure setting up different accounts wouldn’t be an issue. I’m assuming that ISO also has the Coin app? My mom is an ISO user. She’s a bit simple when it comes to technology, lol. My sister and I are both on android and I’ll have no problems setting up an account on her phone. So if I do give sentinels to my niece who is pin my wireless account I’ll have to set up another account for her. So how do I connect the accounts so that they all go to the sane wallet though? I guess that’s where I’m stumped. Also, I have a problem with keeping my Coin app on auto collect. So whenever I open the app outs always in the off position is that the way it works? How can I keep the Coin app always running in the background so that it does auto collect for me? I know I have lot of questions but I’m still really confused about all this stuff.



I hope this will be a future feature!

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