Battery life could be a major issue


@Yompster yep either amazon or ebay has great deals on them, just picked up pack of 16 for $22 on ebay with free shipping. For batteries I noticed, ebay usually is better priced due to amazon requiring special shipping restrictions for batteries, ebay…not so much lol.




Yes pretty much all of us are experiencing this and we have run every possible fix and test for it. Nothing cures it, so its going to have to be a firmware update from XYO. I bet if you find that one that seems to be staying on, you will probably see it is still running .53 firmware, even though you may have gotten a success trying to upgrade it to .56. I have had two sentinels drop back to .53 after they had gotten a successful upgrade to .56…don’t ask me, but it happened lol. Hopefully we will get a fix soon, for now, if you have two android devices, download the XYO Beta Network app on each. Then go into the settings and under advanced turn on the gps and time options on both of devices in the XYO app. After that is done, on the top of the XYO Beta Network app settings window, there should be an option to change it from a Bridge to Sentinel mode. Just put one device in Sentinel mode, and leave the other in Bridge. Carry around or place the one in sentinel mode with you or any place of high traffic. Then when ever you want to push that info to the device running in bridge mode, just place them somewhere near each other and open the XYO Beta Network app on each device. It may take a couple seconds or couple minutes, but they should automatically start the Bound Witness creation process, and you will start hearing the Cha-ching cash register noise and the original chain block count should start going up. Let me know how that works out for you. Its a temporary fix until new firmware gets pushed out. Hope it helps, feel free to ask anything you may not be sure about, a couple of ppl on here are very knowledgeable about the whole process and I will do my best to also answer your questions.



@ReconCatLord your still having them power off since ghe xyp findit update yesterday? My xy4’s haven’t turned themselves off since then. Also remember, mining goes live on wedensday and you’ll need to be running their hardware rather than androids to do it.


Thanks very much, ReconCatLord

Interesting. I have tried to check the version of the firmware the working Sentinel is on.

XYO app says it is not due for update, which implies it is still on .56.
XY Find It app says it is on XY4++, which I think is .56?

I only have one Android device atm, I will see if I can get hold of another

Thanks again


Not much point at this stage as you wont be able to mine with them and your xy4’s are now working.


@GeorgeM and @Billy_Idle you absolutely can mine with multiple android devices, they actually mine way better then the sentinels at this point. Just place them in sentinel mode in the settings menu of the XYO Beta Network app. Leave one device in, usually your most powerful or newest device, in Bridge mode. Yes all android devices have both capabilities but not unless you change them in the settings. Plus you will also now start a block chain origin count on both your sentinel device and bridge device, so you can keep track of which ones are pulling more effectively. Don’t forget in the advanced menu in settings to turn on RSSI Time and GPS location options as part of the load package. Plus if you set your device settings correctly, choose the app to stay active in the background always, then you will really notice how many networks they pickup. Remember right now, we are only grabbing network info, time, location, etc. We are helping build the database that will be used for query later. The bigger your database contribution, the more chance you have at making some tokens. And remember that XYO road map wants every BT/Wifi/RT-TX style device to be able to be a bridge/sentinel. That is the end game plan, when your car, your smart home units, your cell phone, home computer, tablets, work computer, etc, all can act as Sentinels or Bridges, the XY4+ are just the initial start of the plan to help people who arent as blockchain savy or do not have lots of tech lying around to integrate. I have begun actually looking into getting my Zigbee and Z-wave devices to be able to integrate into this, some guys have already built some code on GIthhub. Think about it, any device just needs to be able to read a signals basic packet identity info to pull the data it needs to feed to XYO Archivist. So there is no reason my Z-wave devices can’t do that just like an XY4+, just needs to look at the right piece of code/package to pull it. So Geohackers, Wednesday is approaching, I hope you all received your email from Mark, make sure you get your bridges online by 12pm on Wednesday, they are going to email out the live link and also we will see if we can continue to mine geopoints or actually mine XYO tokens…as some have hinted. Mainly as a gift to early adopters who picked up the full mining package that came with the XYO Bridge. @Billy_Idle let me know if you need any help or info with anything. Also everyone dont forget to like each others posts. It helps each other and ppl in the community get visibility of good topics. Talk to you soon all.



You haven’t read this have you?

You’ll only be able to mine on tech from xyo.


@GeorgeM Yes I know, I have two mining kits from XYO, 16 Sentinels and two bridges. I did read this, but this is just initially, eventually all devices will be able to mine XYO, that is there goal. And as long as you have a bridge from XYO , the actual Pi Zero Bridge that you bought from them that comes in the kit, or XYO enabled sentinel, you can still use geodapp that will be on android devices (maybe iOS, idk) they are releasing to do this, at least thats what it says. Well here is the quote:

This will ONLY work for those that have an XYO Geomining Kit. The Geodapp we’ll be revealing requires either an XYO-enabled Sentinel or Bridge to be within range.

If you don’t have an XYO Geomining Kit yet, here’s the link where you can pick one up!


@GeorgeM I hope its XYO Tokens, i doubt it but the way they said it is weird, it says will be able to mine XYO, but not geo mine, as they have stated other places, just says XYO, so I was hoping they were implying the actual token or atleast some type of satoshi block pieces like bitcoin, just named something different. I don’t know, lets keep our fingers crossed that its more then just geo-mining, but I would be still happy just with building geo-point block chains, the xyo token would be a huge bonus.



Has anyone else had difficulty using android devices to act as bridge pver the last few days? I’ve not noticed any origin chain lengths expanding in a few days.


My origin chain has almost stopped expanding over the last few days.

My XYO bridge has only gone up one in the last four days or so, my Android app had stopped going up at all. They are now out of sync, first time I’ve seen that happen.

However, they both counted up by one a couple of minutes ago as I was checking them.


@Billy_Idle, @GeorgeM, @sanyi007, @Yompster, @ricthesoundguy, @edginter, @Taylorcjt46, @bcaveness, @AVRads

Check out my Thread on fixing your Sentinels, should fix everyone’s with them turning off, click the link below!


Thank you so much for the time and energy you put in to helping the group! I’ll be going through this procedure tomorrow!


Did you post this on the FB Page? They really need it over there on the XYO Millionaires group.


I use a 50 pence pice… but i do recognise its a little harder to get in america.

it’s just such a perfect fit.


@Taylorcjt46 Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to read through it. I hope it helps anyone who is in need of it. I have added another small fix for people who are still having issues with a couple of their Sentinels still not taking the original fix I posted. It is much shorter and involves only clicking the external buttons and using the app.

As for posting on the Facebook page, no I have not. I’m an active duty service member in the US Army; that being said, my security clearance makes having online identities in major social media outlets kind of a no-no. Its not that it isn’t allowed or that I would get reprimanded for it, however, it is not looked upon in a good light. As you are probably aware we have had many leaks of information that could pose a danger to our forces in combat zones, and also to the families of service members at home, as it has become a new target for scammers, identity thieves, stolen valor, or people who just don’t like the military. So I do have a Facebook login just to view things, but I contribute no postings to it or add any info. Mainly cause Facebook has so many cross referencing trackers and a extremely invasive permissions allocation. Just using the app on a mobile device give them an insane amount of information that you just can’t stop them from getting unless you just don’t “play the game”. But that’s neither here nor there, I’m rambling now, if you do have further interest in privacy security I would love to help you, its my specialty, but please direct message me for that. But…
I would love if you could share the link there or any other place you feel it would help fellow GeoHackers. I want to get the word out as much as I can, and help anyway I can. I have great faith in this endeavor and want it to succeed. So feel free to direct others having this issue to the link! Thanks again let me know if the process worked for you!

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


First and foremost, thank you for your service. I understand that freedom isn’t free. Please stay safe. I would love to share this on Facebook. I REALLY appreciate your willingness to help others…in more ways than one.




I can’t figure out how to share this post. I shared it twice through messenger, but it was hard to figure out then too. Lol. I am obviously going about it wrong. Any ideas?

Thanks again,



Since im the first entry on the page, you can just copy the link form your address bar and paste it anywhere you want, that should do the trick, and thank you for your response :blush: very kind of you.


Ok. Thanks.