Battery life could be a major issue


I truly believe that you are under the wrong impression of how and what the XYO network does. If you have a medical condition, you should buy an iPhone and the watch. The XY4 app and sentinels are not going to provide anyone with emergency and/or location info real-time. The Apple system is absolutely the way to go for the elderly and those with certain conditions that the watch can monitor. I set my 82yr old mother up with a new iPhone XR and the watch, and not only will I get an alert concerning: erratic heartbeat, loss of heartbeat, falling/impact alerts etc, I can also see her location in real-time. This product is not designed, in it’s current iteration to do what you think it does!


So you can’t use the xyo find it app to track location of the sentinels?


Not unless you are in Bluetooth range. At best, with the network working right, all you can determine is it’s last known location.


Hi ReconCatLord

I have 8 sentinels, all 8 were replaced by XY after I contacted support due to the self shutdown problem.
The 8 replacements they sent came at a mix of 4.0.53 and 4.0.55 firmware. All 8 work fine and never shut themselves off like the previous ones. I keep 1 in my vehicle and one in my wife’s, and I carry one in my pocket at work. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with the other 5 so they sit by the bridge at the moment.
While I don’t have the hardware to test my Pi bridge bluetooth signal, It will actively see sentinels as nearby devices for about an hour after a reboot and then stops seeing them. I believe that problem started after a software update as it did not have that problem at first.
My origin chain on the Pi bridge is at 448 presently. If its freshly booted, it does really not add many bound witnesses until I bring my android phone that’s running the XYO app into range of the Pi bridge.
That makes sense since the Pi can see sentinels but does not have location data like the cell phone.


She has remote access permissions for my phone… So she can remotely pull the location data from a sentinel via the remote access to my phone… trust me, I might not take a straight parth, but I do think how to do things.


@GeorgeM and @ricthesoundguy

I’m gotta sign off for the night here, got stuff to take care off. However, tomorrow I have a couple sentinels that are still on .53, I’m gonna try doing some work with them and see if they stay on.
@GeorgeM You said you had some success with having multiple devices/phones connected or in range of it or the bridge?

Have a question for you guys also. Did you connect the Sentinels to the XY Findables app at all, or connect them to that XY Findables app first. Because the 4 or 5 Sentinels I am testing now, I did connect to the Findables app before I started messing with the XYO Beta Network app or the XYO Bridge. I just throwing lawn darts out there, but maybe I did something wrong by using that XY Findables app first. Or is that something that has to be done to register it, lol, let me know if you guys did. Like I said, I’m pulling at straws here, but hey we might get lucky and find something that could help remedy this problem. Thanks guys, have a good night, talk to ya tomorrow! Hopefully will get some different results using different firmware or not using the XY App first, will see.



@GeorgeM, you are wrong. Despite having the app on her phone, unless you are in Bluetooth range of her phone or a properly functioning bridge, she can’t know anything about where you are.


You misunderstood what was said… she can access my phone using a totaly diffrent procedure (first year computer networks BSc stuff in the uk). Then using my phone from a completely different physical location is able to access the find it app (@ReconCatLord yes I logged the xy4s on the find it app, but not my phones) to pull the location data first to my phone then relayed to her. You understand @ricthesoundguy?

Edit:although I think really, she’d prefer to use the same procedure but to activate the “share location” function in facebook messenger. Anyway, that’s enough arguing for one day… let’s get back on topic, visa vi Battery life issues. Has anyone managed to turn one of the xy4’s on with a timmer to work out roughly how long the battery really lasts?


I don’t believe the sentinel issues are related to whether you register them with the XY findable’s app or not. The fact that they turn themselves off makes me believe it has to be in their code, hence a firmware issue. That being said, it is possible there was a hardware issue with some of the first batch of the original sentinels sent out. I registered mine in the XY Findables app on my phone, ( otherwise they are not really very useful). The Pi bridge and the android bridge app are going to see them regardless of whether or not they are registered to someones XY phone app.


@Yompster , @GeorgeM , @ricthesoundguy

@Yompster thank you for your feedback about using which app first. I agree is most likely a firmware or hardware issue. I think its possibly also a firmware issue combined with a battery drawing issue, making the hardware think the battery is too low, and causing the shutoff. I have also recorded random battery states on the xy findables app. If you go into the settings for each sentinel, wait like 15 seconds it pulls the firmware and battery state. Sometimes it says full, sometimes it says only 1/4 full outlined in red, all on the same sentinel…so who knows. I think I’m starting to obsess to much about this.

@GeorgeM Yes I have timed how long it takes for the sentinels to turn off, and 90% of the time, they shut off around 4 minutes and 45 seconds. As for what was advertised, 5 years…yes possible 5 years if your sentinel sat in a drawer, never was clicked on and never pinged anything. I would say a more realistic time would be 1.5 to 2.5 years for a good CR3032 with normal use.

@ricthesoundguy I want to start a new thread concerning another issue…well not an issue, more of seeing if i can get a good explanation. Ok so this is the issue, so I have the XYO bridge, and I have two android phones that I carry, my work and my personal phone. All are running the beta XYO Network app. Now on my bridge I have 28 as my block count, on one phone 31, on the other phone 30. No my question is, are all these blocks credited to me, are they added up?? They each have their own public key that is unique, so it should be a unique original chain. I know this may be a stupid question, and I should probably be embarrassed to ask, but which one of these damn things counts, or do all of them lol. And now for the best question yet, right now I have zero sentinels on, only my two phones and the xyo bridge, I am sitting in my bedroom, and these things are pinging off each other and raising their counts. Some times individually, sometimes they two of them are doing it together. So one of them has to be a bound witness for the other, …right?? lol. I am going to start a new thread for this, but I wanted to see if you guys could answer these questions before I did, so I don’t look like a fool lol. I am about to start working with my sentinels that I have not upgraded the firmware now…as I type this I hear Cha-Ching, they continue to count blocks, how is this happening lol!!! Thanks guys!

Having sentinel issues please help

Remember that bridges also act as sentinels, so a pi bridge near an android phone running XYO app in bridge mode can act as a sentinel-bridge combo and create bound witnesses. I have an android tablet running as a bridge as well.


So last night as I was going to bed I opened one of my sentinels to look at the battery. I have never seen a button battery of that size in the UK. I’ve been doing robotics since I was 8, so I’m pretty sure they do not sell that type of battery in the UK.



FYI, they have been used worldwide in a plethora of electronic devices for many years. Check out the Wiki page


Ok. My dad’s telling me that it (that particular size, button batteries in particular are common) are just insanely rare and the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere is the reason I’ve not seen something so much. :(.
Hopefully when they make the xy5 they will consider what is generally common all over the world. I’ve got a theory that whilst they are not actively didcusraging the use world wide they are focusing on usa right now (which makes a limited type of sences). Anyone got any idea the orbital plan for the satalights?

Edit: FYI your link didn’t work.


I bought a pack of 6 from amazon for about 10 bucks. No big deal.


Ok. I’ll grab some next time I’m in New Jersey (march).


I’ve had my mining kit about 4 days now, when I set it up I immediately updated all sentinels to firmware version .56 and they all switch off after 5 minutes. If I switch them all on at the same time, they all switch off at the same time. When they switch off they can no longer be found on my bridge or phone app.

Over the last two days I have been carrying 2 around with me and switching them both on when I go somewhere. They both switch off after 5 minutes.

However, as of today, one of them is staying on! It’s been on all day and has shown on the phone app all day.

The other continues the switch off after 5 minutes.


I think the first really break through comes on, if the Sentinels come with rechargeable batteries and WiFi capable recharging method combined with tiny solar cells, I hope someone is reading this message from XYO and try to invest on it. I was thinking earlier, around Sept-Oct buying a set of Geo-mining kit, but this battery issue was holding me back…


I can easily see them releasing a USB rechargable sentinel, since their GPS sentinel already has this feature.
it will add to the cost of the sentinel however.


Has anyone else found that since they updated the xyo findit app the xy4’s don’t stop being picked up on either the findit or the network apps?

Someone change a battery in one of them and dtart timing how long the battry really lasts.