Auto mining update


I believe the points mined at the time are same wheather manual or auto
Makes no differance



That was my Fucking point



Hey, I’m feeling your pain too. This is rediculous, they may have shot themselves in the foot. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I was just pointing out that it was worse than you were thinking it was.



So when/if I get my Geomining kit I get



You will get 12 times when you connect the bridge, make sure too turn on Bluetooth and turn on the sentinel.



Your coin app needs to detect a sentinel or you won’t get the 12 times



Twelve times zero equals ZERO



They are the same. Both are crap now. I couldn’t imagine getting 12 times less than a 0.09 (an account I have received often WITH a Geo kit). It would take years to get the required 10000 coins without the Geo mining kit.



No we are not doing anything wrong. You start the app and it starts mining. How in the hell do you think we are doing that wrong? And, you are the ONLY ONE claiming that kind of return. Which makes us believe that you are lying.

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Must be frustrating to not be able to masturbate while working.

Get your shit together XYO!!!



Usage of words “we” “us”???

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You start the app and it starts mining. How in the hell do you think we are doing that wrong? And, you are the ONLY ONE claiming that kind of return. Which makes us believe that you are lying.



IF you get the KIT



I’m sure everything is working fine… other than an adjustment in xyo reward since the app update. all seems fine. Let’s all play nicely



Do you have the kit / sentinels yet? If not those are expected returns I would say. Be patient and everything will pan out : )



Supposedly it’s in Kansas City.
You’d think a tracking device company would be able to track the devices?!?!?!



You will be up and running in no time. :ok_hand:

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Hope so :mega:

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Yeh Let’s play nicely
No bad language necessary.
Wish their was an UNLike option at bottom of posts
Get 5 and ya banned



I agree. It’s frustrating enough without all the hate. You do have the ability to report posts and they will be removed. I’ve done it. So chill.
It’s my opinion that many people are missing the whole point of what XYO is about. It’s not a “tracking” device so stop thinking of it that way. Of course XY Findit can’t track the sentinels. What would the sentinels be connecting to while in transit?
These devices are intended to collect geospatial info and pass it upstream to the Archivist ether via a Bridge or the phone app. Either way, the Sentinel has to first be “setup” through your app or the bridge before it can do anything. They are not intended to track anything, beyond being able to find a Sentinel within bluetooth range. So before anyone starts with the FUD, they should educate themselves about the XYO network before they make themselves look foolish.
Also, this whole phone app “game” is in my opinion, highly counter productive for the overall development of the XYO network, but I understand why they did it. The fact that they didn’t anticipate people would immediately try to abuse it, cheat, spoof their GPS etc, just goes to show how little they really have in the way of resources and experience. I’m just guessing, but unless they added more staff with a high level of programming skills, this phone game is taking precious time and resources away from their stated goal of creating the network.
As for your earnings, unless you bought in during the ICO, you aren’t going to earn much. I bought in during the ICO in May 2018 and I have yet to see any return from my investment. In fact, there is obvious resistance in the market right now for a price above .0025 despite an initial opening at .007, so there is no real value in the tokens, YET. I cold stored 120K tokens after the ICO and they are now worth 1/3 what I paid for them.
The token hasn’t gained any traction whatsoever in 2019. In my opinion the token will continue to see resistance in the market until the XYO network has a product to sell (other than mining kits and shares). Once the Diviners come online and start actually earning money from the geospatial info all this hardware floating around right now is collecting, we aren’t going to see much change. Be happy that you can earn any tokens at all and most of all, be patient and helpful in this forum. We are all in the same boat.



Well said. Good to see sensible posts. A pity those who feel it’s not to their liking don’t just LOG OFF