Anyone from UK?


I am in Brighton Sussex anyone else near by?


Alnwick Northumberland


Hey fellow UK XYO’er :slight_smile: ANYONE else in our UK club!!? When did you get in?Who was first UK member? :slight_smile:


I’m in haslemere Surrey


North Wales


I am in Brighton East Sussex!! Welcome here or I can come to you…

Steve Sole


I’M having same error message
Also connected monitor, keyboard, mouse and router to bridge but monitor remains blank. Anyone know how to bring it to life?


Can you see a red light on inside the bridge box to show it has power?

Are you using HDMI to connect to the monitor? Mine is connected to a TV via HDMI, I had no problems seeing it.

Maybe you could try a TV?


Billy_Idle- yes can see red light OK
Thanks, I’ll try tv. Maybe my monitor nakerd