Anyone figure out how we get paid or how to send coins?


So how do i get paid? $850 is alot of money for some people and im not making an investment and cant repay myself hmmph… Any ideas? And what number and port do i put for the archivist? I have 2 but dunno if those are correct??

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i know that right now you just add default archivist, just to be safe every once and a while i delete and re-add default to ensure its a working archivist, and for how we get paid i cant help. I know mining isn’t active yet and we will get more info when it is, but as of now there is no way to really “get paid” except maybe trading XYO coins.



More information about mining.



Here is some more information.




 How are you? Which Bridge is better A or Xy Geo Mining Kit B. Is there more power in A?


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For now I think the only way to get a Cash :moneybag: reward is to collect coin in the Coin App on an Android or iOS device. See the topic below for how to convert the coin to cash…


How to get paid

I think in the coin app you have to make contact to request payment




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What is spoofing

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Spoofing is when a false GPS signal is created by software to gain an advantage by pretending to be in a different geographical position than you really are.
The main point of the XYO network is to provide a non spoofable location proof.
It wo t be as accurate as gps but hopefully it will be trustworthy

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Thanks…fully noted

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$850? That ain’t shit.

Try $12,000

You wander why I’m pissed?!?

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This is for long term Investors everybody’everybody remember… This is not a turn and burn Scheme