Any advantages to buying more Sentinels or bridges


Is there any advantage to purchasing more Sentinels or more then one Bridge ?

I am 100% onboard with XYO network and their vision for the future and see the value in the product and direction they are taking the company and I am excited to see the new geomining app come online and all the excitement over being able to go out and mine and gather XYO point and exchange them for tokens and see alot of people going out and spending hours of time and spending money on batteries and cellular data collecting but and I missing something ?

last I looked xyo tokens are only worth 0.00273473 of a us dollar and the time spend and the initial costs, batteries, data used to mine xyo is costing most of us more then the value of what could be gathered in a day , I am all onboard and was going to get my friends and family to start mining but was hard for them to understand why they should they spend there time on something that is worth only fractions a penny

I only put this post up as I was about to buy more sentinels and another bridge then started looking at the math and thought I would ask you all your thoughts


Good Question

I look at the Bridge, sentinels and mining of XYO as a tech toy to play with, and possibly a useful new technology in the future. Playing with these kinds of things is right up my alley, and always too obscure for all but a couple of my friends and family to even “get”. As far as profit, I don’t know. I just think its fun.

If the tech is developed, and a critical mass of devices were out there, it might become useful to various industries, and being fueled by XYO, the value of the token could rise. While I fully back the project, in my opinion there is a ton of things that have to happen and be developed for it to be successful, and some other technology could surplant it. Everyone already has a smart phone everywhere they go, if every cell phone were a bridge and a sentinel, well, I don’t really need my plastic discs and raspberry Pi.

Being that XYO is traded on some small exchanges, speculation could drive the value up, and it certainly could go up with major crypto prices, especially ETH, since its a ERC 20 token. Getting listed on Binnance would be a big deal also.

I think right now, if the Devs can turn the COIN app into a killer geo - location based game app, where your rewards are based on XYO, and XYO is a currency to do other things in the game, that could really drive the token value, ( I’m not talking about just clicking a pickaxe icon every few meters).
However, at this point I don’t think that is at all the focus or the intended direction of The Devs.
That’s kind of unfortunate as entertainment could be a big reason for it to be successful.

It will be interesting to see if stickers on packages and other geo location services are enough to drive this project and the value of XYO.


Why not use the xyo do develop such a game yourself. During the video from the 6th they did imply that they want some people to develop XYO and COIN in intresting ways.


I only mining when out and about anyway.
Not wasting time & fuel just to mine.
My areas are unlikely to be mined my anyone else so no urgency to claim them, however if you live in San Diego or other large area with hundreds of people mining, I understand you may wish to claim them before anyone else does, whereby you will profit most when/if the value goes up. Thats my theory anyway.
Another theory is if / when this takes off with delivery companies where will they go most often? I’m targeting sorting offices and post offices but not going very far out of my way. Maybe when we can stop the sentinals from switching off, we could post the sentinels back and forth to each other, hopefully passing through many sorting offices. Would this work? Anyone?
May buy more sentinals if / when my existing 8 are working as they should but cant see the point of having more than 1 bridge. Do I need my bridge? as my phone / COIN app appears to operate as a bridge.
Am I wrong?


Yompster, FOAM is a little similar and they have a geolocation game I believe you might be interested in. I’m not interest in gaming, Too old


GeorgeM - I don’t have the skill set to Dev an XYO game, and my job is more than full time, but someone with the skills should look into it, might be big.

Geobow - Thanks, I’ve heard of FOAM, I’ll look into it.