Android App - XYO Dashboard


I have looked on the forums, and done some searches, and I have not really found anything that goes into how the XYO Dashboard via the Android App works, and how it behaves in the world, or in relation to the Sentinels and Geomining. I get the basics, of course, but how do they apply in the actual functionality of the app. We do not have any details about best settings, standard practices, maintenance, etc. So, I have been learning as I experiment and go.

Here is my newest discovery… on my XYO Dashboard, my Origin Chain Length seems to have stalled out at 3500. The App functions as a bridge, and would regularly show that it was creating bound witnesses up until mid-December. At that point it seem to start slowing down. Then, once it reached 3500 in the origin chain length, it simply stopped completely. Even though the app is open and active, there have been no new bound witnesses created since reaching this chain length. Is there a max cap on the overall chain length? Have I reached a stopping point? Should I reset the origin chain and start back at zero? (I hope that’s not the case… cause it took a good amount of time to reach the point I am at. It would be a shame to start back at zero and lose the depth and integrity of my chain.)

I downloaded the Android app as soon as we received our Geomining Kits back in the 4th quarter of 2018. Like most of you, I have been flying in the dark, and trying to learn as I go, since there was almost zero instructions included. Like some of you, I also Updated the firmware in my sentinels. I have noticed that they only pop up on my dashboard as a nearby device if I actually push the button on each sentinel to activate it. Otherwise, the sentinel seems to turn itself back off and stay that way. This makes me wonder if they are even collecting data while in this off/sleep state. All that is separate from this topic really… I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your questions either.


This video explains more.


More information.


Posting about how to purchase tokens and XYO doesn’t answer any questions related to this post. The main question was regarding why my origin chain and bound witnesses have stopped at 3500.


My origin chain length is still sitting at 1…yes ONE…Is that a problem?

I’ve had to kit for about a week now and it’s installed as a Bridge with the raspberry pi being the hardware connecting to the net…

Can someone plz offer some insight to the proper setup of the Bridge and Sentinels?



I’m with you - except I’m like XYO.Investor as well…I downloaded the XYO Network app from Google Play and looks just like the hardware Bridge (Raspberry PI), which is good. But my Origin Chain is stuck at 1. I have three sentinels powered up, and my app sees them. I haven’t upgraded my firmware yet though, since I’ve seen trouble. Should I try that, at least? REALLY need guidance from the XYO team on this stuff! Everyone is trialing and erroring!


Joining the Origin Chain at ONE group. Same here, stuck at that step.


I’m wondering if they haven’t done something to the beta version? Perhaps stopped the process in order to prepare for the official (non-beta) release of the software? At least that would be a happier thought and would give us a light at the end of the tunnel. What would be really nice would be if they stopped sending out daily fluff and promotional emails and actually spent some time answering the questions from their existing community. So many of us are sitting out here in the dark begging for clarification and insight into a product and process we’ve invested a good deal of time and money into, only to feel abandoned.