Airdrops! Best to HOLD all XYO together in one wallet?


For future airdrops etc is it better to hold all the XYO together or it does not matter?

And we will be well informed before hand?


I believe that the wallet address that you purchased your XYO with should be the same wallet to receive other items too. So I think you should hold it all on that address.


Just got more… Can I offer the first 10 friends that sign up and get an MEW wallet 10 XYO for FREE ?

There is nothing wrong in that?

Small amount I know but will likely get them thinking about adding to it?

MAybe we could encourage the whole community to do that if @admin think its a good ideaa?

10 for the first 10 friends via facebook link that get a MEW wallet address for it get them!!

If each community member were to do that just imagine the pyramid type ripple down!!

Tell each one if they can do 2 free to 10 of their friends or something like that?

Speeed things up a bit? Who is in?

I have tried this before with KB3 coin but that has not been in the news!! lol

The transactions would be able to be verified too

The people that carry it out get extra points or free coins?

I NEED 4 miners I have 3 work vans that drive all over UK and Europe!!

And one for me to carry personally!!

I was going to post this on my facebook but just had a thought!!

The first person that reads this and sends me their MEW (My Ethereum Wallet address) will get 1000 XYO COMPLETELY FREE!! The next 5 that email their MEW address will get 500 each and the last 4 will get 100 XYO each!!! Easy as setting up a MEW wallet!! . Who is in? Gisela Maris Nigel Wynn Nigel Collins Davide De Nadai Maria Duque Ordiz Tracy JonesJon Roberts Jon Cansdale Daren Marenghi Kirsty NorrisLianne BurgessSamantha CarmichaelMaria Duque OrdizTherese EriksenElvira Soto ValdiviesoFrances Sophia Drummond Chris KempLorna GordonMartin GordonJoe Dean Marcello BonifaciiRobert DisneyTerry GowerJon CansdaleTony Mark HollandSimon HumberstoneSimon Dobson Sarah RustMark SoleShadøw MaüstinMark RatcliffeJane OwenCliff HewittPete YorkHannah MaschlerRob TappRob ShipwayJon RobertsTherese EriksenAmanda Urwin-MannWarren UllahXenia Nealon Andrés JugnarainAndre Joshua BurgessAndi MootealooLianne BurgessJosh Burgess

Unless they already have ETH in their wallets they will not be able to be sent to them anyhow?
Please can anyone help before my XYO (not sent yet) vanish as no ETH in the wallets?

Or it will just mean they will have to buy ETH to send them anywhere?

But I reckon would make them prick up their ears and for the first time in their lives get into crypto (they have all been talking about it)and definitely XYO!!!

So there is nothing wrong with me doing this? @FartGobbler @Erika ?


That’s not correct @brightonsteve airdrops will be for Dapps running on the XYO network. Not airdrops of XYO tokens.
And… I don’t really know what you are trying to do there? Doesn’t sound like a great plan to me… sorry.


NO you mis understood… I want to offer my first 10 friends who get a MEW wallet some XYO tokens for sdoing so!! Encourage peoplke in to ETH? These friends have NEVER even been in to any block chain, eth or btc before so just trying to recruit…

How can that be a bad thing?

XYO depends on ETH?

ANd yes i realise I am excited about geting airdrops… If a wallet just had 1000 XYO would that still qualify?

Is there a minimum number of XYO you need to hold to be eligible?

So then if any of my mates get MEW get the 1000 or 100 XYO im offering they will get airdropped Dapp coins?


HAve you thought of airdrops of XYO to things like the Ethos wallet?

They are dropping 2 down to 0.5 and even less of some drops just to gain peoples interest…

Or not good idea/possible tech wise? Sorry Im not techy at all

I have ended up looking up each coin they have dropped if unheard of…

And it does get people interest especially if you promote the getting paid for walking/driving about part more (which i only saw after reading through it- maybe use that as some sort of sales line?)


Ah… ok.
Well, yeah, your XYO tokens are yours to do with as you please.
They aren’t locked up like may ICO tokens are.
Personally I’m a fan of MetaMask rather than MEW, and now I’m starting to use a new wallet EOTRade, it seems really nice so far.


Hi Steve,
Fartgobbler is correct in saying that “airdrops will be for Dapps running on the XYO network. Not airdrops of XYO tokens.” however going back to your original question — those drops will be allocated to your original purchase wallet, the one that was whitelisted when you passed KYC. Your XYO tokens do not need to stay together once you have made the originally purchase, they are yours to do what you want with them. If you want to split them up and deposit in different accounts, or give them out to family and friends is totally fine, and will not interfere with future airdrops. Just be sure to always keep the seeds for your original purchase (whitelisted) wallet address since that is where the drops will go to.


Excellent!! @Erika you understand why Im trying to give some away don’t you?

@FartGobbler could not seem to understand why…

It will get non users into buying ETH (if they want to move their XYO anyhow) which surely is only good for the network?


I have a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Will i be able to hold XYO with it or will i syill have to get a MEW for my XYO? i just dont trust online wallets.


I was also wondering about this, @Erika can you verify?


I moved all my xyo to my ledger nano as well. But the metamask wallet I used to buy my xyo is the wallet that will receive the airdrops so I must still have access to it even though it’s empty right now


But it is still on a MEW wallet address via Ledger Namo?