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Hey Scott, I am wanting to get a mining rig to test asap!

I have 3 working vans that drive over UK and Europe…




And maybe I can be part of Bridge, Archivist or Diviners somehow?

I have a garden and/or garage so can install some small equiment.


I have a small GPU mining farm, can I use that to help process the blockchain transactions?


Hope this helps those with issues with their Sentinels powering down after 4 minutes. Here is a Link of the process I used to get all my Sentinels working perfectly and also check my battery in each of them. This was a best effort attempt at fixing my issue, it worked great for me, it should work for everyone, but please let me know if you run into problems. I may have gone through too many steps, but I tried to cover lots of issues that would cause your Sentinels from not working correctly. This is a way for you to get them to stop powering down, check your battery, and get to know your Sentinel. Click the Link Below