About mining kits


They are still in the early stages of creating the ecosystem. There are more and more sentinels out every day, but until everyone sets up their bridges, and the data gets archived this system is going to be spoty. Keep at it…we will reach a tipping point as more sentinels, bridges, and archivist come on line things will begin to come together. As an early adopter one needs to be able to see what it will be not what it is not at the moment. The pioneers take the arrows, but the reward is worth it.


I agree… But to achieve this, they need to make it easy for everyone to understand, no matter what level of technological experience they have… think about this question when developing new systems “would my grand mother understand this? Would my grand son understand this?” If the answer is no to either, you need to find a simpler way to explain it and develop a simpler user interface… because systems like this need a lot of people to use the systems for it to be a success.


Hi @PresNav @NickSentowski @ricthesoundguy @medinaluis @mikestenger @scott Is anyone from XYO actually monitoring anything out here? Lots of us are having trouble of varied sorts with the sentinels, and this seeming lack of interest from XYO is puzzling. All of us love hearing about the partnerships and the plans being shared, but many of us can’t even get our sentinels to work, and there appears to be ZERO interest from XYO in helping us out. What’s the deal?


Thank you, nice to see the community weighing in. And actual responses!


To be honest. I think that xyo “jumped the gun” a bit too early. I think they shouldn’t have allowed anyone to get a kit untill they were ready to allow people to start mining. Which I’m hoping will be just before their class on how to build an archivist (being held in March). I do hope that xyo will be a success, not because I have anything currently invested with them, as a long term unemployed student I don’t have funds to invest, but because I do see some ways this technology if properly exicuited and managed could improve life in a marginal manner. And it is only because of every marginal improvement that technology, globalisation and civilization marches on.


I agree they released the kits before they were ready for prime time. Right now you essentially have some XY4 finders you can locate your keys or ring your phone with. For the future system to work they need allot of the devices out there, so that may be partly why they were eager to ship the kits.

What seems a priority to me right now is they need to provide a way to undo software updates that do not work.
I downloaded the beta update for the Pi Bridge and now it stops seeing sentinels after about an hour. Its like the bluetooth shuts down on the Pi. There is no option to re-download the stable update and fix the bridge, it just always says up to date now.

At this point I am leery of firmware or software updates as they seem to cause issues and cant be undone.


Hum. That’s a problem… have you used a smart device(mobile or tablet) to test if you try using it on bridge mode? This should help you determine if it’s the bridge or the sentinels themselves.


I run the android bridge app on a phone and a tablet, it has no such problems. Its definitely the Pi bridge. It did not have the problem until I foolishly applied the beta software update.


Have you tried doing a hard reboot on the sentinels? Did the instructions they came with say how to restore factory settings? I have little knowledge of the xy4 as I currently have no funds to get one and so all my info on the hardware is second hand. I’m sure I could be a big benefit to this form if I had just 2 I could run a few trials and tests and give people my findings. Unfortunately I don’t have $60 to get them.


The instructions they came with ? That’s actually pretty funny to those of us who received a kit :slight_smile:


That makes it even more important that I get my hands on 2 so I can work out how they work and let you all know. What is wrong with American based technology companies. Before my mum ordered some tech from america that was supposedly supposed to help her recover from alzimers I had thought that all companies world wide were supposed to supply instructions. I know there is such a law in the UK which also requires things to be quality checked. I don’t know if its just stuff made here or if its stuff sold to here. If so they will need to find out where they can leagaly sell these xy4’s otherwise lawsuits will likely take all their profits when mining goes live and more people want the stuff.

Edit: here is the link to the leagal requirements for the bridge when sold to England, Scotland and Wales. Sounds like they haven’t complied.


I will continue reading and find the laws for the xy4’s, but as it sounds like they haven’t complied (based on 2nd hand information) I don’t hold much hope the xy4’s do.

EDIT 2: debatidly, based on the uses that they have stated on a site previously which roughly read “tracking kids and pets” I’m not certain if xy4 should be classified as a toy which requires conforming to a stricter set of rules or the generalised consumer product rules. I don’t think that they need to make the xy4 comply with the “electronics” rules based on the ampage. And can’t test that without a couple.

Below is the link to the guidance on general consumer product rules sold to England, Scotland and Wales. These rules do state that they need to provide instructions with thd product.



I had one sentinel that didn’t work…ended up being a dead battery. Look at the posts in the “mining” category and there are some good suggestions on how folks are trouble shooting sentinels and bridges, and solving problems. I would suggest a database of common obstacles and known fixes. That would be helpful.