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Hey gang can anyone tell me where I can find any documentation on the classic XYO Sentinels included in the Geomining Kit? I’m just trying to understand the activation button and the different beeps and sounds they make and what it means. I have several that keep beeping and I’m not sure why or haw to make them not beep constantly.


Here’s a quick how to that worked for me. All my Sentinels are working and my Bridges ( the Rasberry PI included in your kit) are building their Origin Chains.

  1. Install the XY Findit app on your phone. The instructions for connecting them, naming them and tagging them are very easy to follow.
  2. Setup the Rasberry PI that came with the kit by connecting it to your TV or a spare monitor/keyboard/mouse and plug it into the power. It takes a minute for it to boot and then the home screen comes up. Under settings scroll down and look for Network Settings and click that. That opens the page that shows your connections. If you have it on the LAN, it will show at the top. If you are connecting via WIFI, enter your local WIFI info in the provided fields and click connect. Wait a second or two and click the update button and you should see your WIFI connection listed.
  3. Go back to Settings and look and see if there is an “Archivist” listed. If not, click the add default archivists.

The PI is a Bridge, and you have to connect it to the Archivists to complete the data transfer.

  • Sentinels - These are tiny pocket-sized devices that share location data when they are nearby each other.
  • Bridges - Bridges connect directly to the Internet and transmits this data back to the network.
  • Archivists - Archivists or servers store this data, which is anonymous.
  • Diviners - Diviners search the Archivists for the data necessary to answer a specific query.

All my gear is working correctly and the XY4+ Sentinels are trackable on your phone within bluetooth range.


The button on the Sentinel is for one of two things.

  1. If with the XY Findit app on your phone you press it to pair it., You can use the app to make it beep.
  2. In the same manner, you can press the button on the Sentinel and make your phone ring if you have it all setup correctly.

Beeping constantly sounds like a bluetooth issue. That’s how the XY4+ Sentinels communicate.


Sounds good, will do.


Is the app only available on Andriod? Cant find anything in the Apple app store for the iphone


The app is called the XY Findit for both OS. I found it in the Apple app store no problem.


Thanks! Found it this time.


Hello all

whats the difference between the Bridges A and B ??? Which Bridge is better?


I get an error when I do “Add Archivist” and the XYO app on the bridge actually shuts down and has to restart when I do “Add Default Archivists”. Wondering if the wifi isn’t connected? Any way to tell?


If you go into settings - scroll all the way to the bottom and click network settings it should show a wlan under all connections and say true if its connected. Also under wifi it should show the name of your network and say connected.


Thank you, @Yompster! I do have both of those showing - not sure if it was working or not. But I downloaded the app to my Android and that sorta works - at least it can see the Sentinels. My Origin Chain is still at 1, though, which is frustrating. So, they’re not working, apparently. Unbelievable that we continue to receive emails to buy mining kits, when there is absolutely no concern about them not working. Paying $500 for this was ridiculous. And XYO asking others to pay $500 is even more absurd.


right? how are you supposed to track a shipment full of tracking devices?


UPS, the Postal service etc, utilize barcodes and databases that function via the Internet. There is no GPS, WIFI (beyond and Internet connection) or Bluetooth involved in the package tracking systems currently in use for simple package tracking.


Feeling your pain @kunda4you… I’m also stuck at (1) after 3 days. I’ve tried everything. It’s like the XYO team went to CES Vegas and are still super hungover?

Mike Stenger - (Orange Head Of Wordsmithing) - sends me tons of emails. So I know they are alive at least.

They created a XY University site with a bunch of repetitive basic information about the geomining kit. So they do have some sort of PR team.

I’m starting to get that bad feeling in my stomach. You know, like when you are watching the value of your bitcoin go down every day but you leave it in there because you have faith.

Still have faith in XYO but starting to get that sick feeling. Help us out XYO team.


but the barcode scanners they use remain at fixed locations…

If I lose my keys, how would somebody else being near them help me find them unless their location was known?

I’d really like to understand because I want to invest, but I’m really starting to feel a lack in communication that’s giving me pause.


Well no, that’s not correct. The barcode scanners used by shippers and the USPS are both fixed and mobile handheld devices that use wifi or cellular.

If you loose your keys and they have a sentinel attached, in theory once the network has matured, you could use it (the network) no find their last known location. If they are in Bluetooth range, ie you loose your keys in the house somewhere, you just use the phone app to find them. It works both ways actually. If you have your keys but can’t your phone, pressing the button on the sentinel sounds a distinct tone on your phone. If you have your phone but can’t find your keys, you use your phone to make the sentinel beep.
Obviously you could put them on your cats and dogs, your kids, your beach cooler etc. But that is the top level convenience of the app and network. The foundation of what the sentinel is doing is mapping data points in geo-space, encrypting that data and offloading it to the Bridge, which then offloads its data to the Archivist, which is just a fancy name for the XYO servers. Geo-mining is the backbone of the system and how you will earn XYO tokens for the datasets your sentinels and bridges generate.


I’m following, but I guess it still doesn’t make much sense to me how we would be able to find a last known location if location isn’t part of the data being collected by at least a handful of fixed nodes within a certain range.

I can take 50 selfies at a party, but if they’re all in front of a black curtain you won’t have any way of knowing it was at the Hyatt.


Hey Nick, you should probably read through all the threads in this forum. I have provided links to all the stuff you need to figure out the basics. I’ve already posted links to the web portal version, the phone app etc. If that doesn’t get you where you need to be, I would suggest you read the white paper and yellow paper as well as join the XYO Telegram channel.


You might want to have a look here.


Thank you so much. I will study these over the weekend, I have read both the white and yellow papers, but it was hard for me to get past just a couple things… Hopefully this will get me over the speedbump.