About mining kits


How to get mining kits
Am i late some offer


The offer at ady ended


thanks bro I had too late If i offer Reg A such as shares will i get this mining kits ? isn’t it


i heard they were going to ship in December


OK! Purchased kits may arrive in December. Thanks,


Just received my mining kit and have it all plugged in. Can someone walk me through syncing my sentinels with my bridge. there are no instructions and I could not find any. I’m in bridge mode. I see 3 archivists and chain length is 26 so i know im connected.


Figured it out. I had to turn on the sentinels. I did not realize that they had an on of button.


Well thanks for letting me know! Can’t wait to get mine! Cheryl


I bought mining kit in San Diego. What do I do now?


Just received my mining kit but don’t use an Android based phone and cannot figure out how else I can update the Sentinel firmware. Any recommendations?


Monitoring post because I will be in the same boat here in a bit. Thank you for posting this question.


If only the developers had some kind of instructions or something


I did find a dev app in the Apple App Store under XY Findables however it only lets you use them as a locator. Interesting to play with and get used to that portion of the functionality.


I just found that too, however I can’t connect to the sentinels. I dug out my old galaxy s5 to see if that would help and I was then able to connect the sentinels to the findit app.

Anyone know how to link these to a wallet yet?


New to XYO. Is there still a way to get the mining kit? Didn’t see anything on the website
EDIT: I think I have my question ans. by someone on telegram. Incase someone else is looking too this is the website given to me. https://get.xyfindit.com/geomining-kit-secure-checkout


The firmware for the Sentinels isn’t yet available, although it will be soon. It’ll be a simple process through the app.


Are we going to get an email prior to shipping so we can be on the lookout?


I would like to know too absolutely no instructions.I don’t want to gift them out to anyone because I don’t know where my mining credits are going. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Steve


I’m in the same boat. I want to be able to gift a few for Christmas, yet without this information I have to hold them. Don’t want to gift them to friends and family only to find out I can not gain the associated profits when mining is opened.


Thanks Luis When I get any info I will get in touch with you and if you find any info please contact me.