12X tokens for geominers?


If I’m an early geominer and suppposedly I’m getting the up to 12X tokens per square, how much are the other people getting? Some would only get .05 or .06 if it’s 1/12. Is that the case? Or is everyone really getting the same?



All you need to get the 12x tokens is a sentinel in range of your phone while mining.

It’s easy to test, just do some mining when you are out of range of a sentinel (with the ‘no sentinels detected’ message showing). You will notice the rewards drops to <0.5 per square.

As soon as a sentinel is detected again the reward goes back up.



I forgot my key and sentinal today when i woke up late for my oxfam volunteering. The most i saw when i was using COIN without my sentinal was 0.39.

Edit: the highest id typicaly see in a single square is 5… but i dont see those too often.



I often get 0.4 even when one or several sentinals are within range. No logic to amounts awarded. Best I’ve had 4.2
Have read some getting 12, how?



I get anywhere from about 0.2 to 5, I’ve never seen anything above that.

I suppose the average is around 2.



I’m waiting for my geomining kit but have been mining without it. I have yet to get more the .5 for a block. So you are getting way more with the sentinels. Cant wait to get my kit!



Hopefully they will send it out to you soon… mum got a email saying my kit was shipped today. Hopefully yours will be to.



Awesome! When did you order yours? I bought mine on feb 19th.



8th of Feb is when she ordered it on my behalf.



Dang hopefully that are a little quicker than with yours! Lol



Yes, that is correct from what understand.



I’ve not seen anyone post that they’re getting 12 for one “tap”. However, those who have sentinels within range get 12X the token reward per “tap” over those who have no sentinels within range. Even so, I’ve gotten .4 at times when I DO have a sentinel within range. There doesn’t seem to be any uniform rule as to how many one will accrue for each tap.

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No. No rules. Time for XYO / COIN to explain the minimum & maximum amount you can collect with sentinals and

Without sentinals



I have since seen anywhere from .29 to ~4.89 with sentinel in proximity. and as high as ~.69 without. I have also gotten a .49 tap and then a 4.39 tap one square later with sentinel. No discernible pattern. Also have tapped a square for 3.xx and when it refreshed and I tapped it again, .65. Tapped it after another refresh and got 1.24.

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I believe there is a range of 0.15 to 5 (assuming sentinel), and what you get per square is purely random within this range.

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I agree,no logic, I was driven 20km across Perth suburbs and no logic or pattern to rewards per block, very discouraging,

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Just made the same trip into work, tapping, and got about half what I normally get. I have a 50 mile commute. Oh, well. It’s more than I had when I started.:no_mouth:

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Can we get some sort of explanation from an XY staff member please



They don’t like to explain things. They do like to say they are transparent but I think that word means something else to them then it does to the rest if us.



Keep focus on total at top this is encouraging not just on amounts per tap it’s total accrued at the end of the day :blush: