XYO Use Cases

Type 1 Diabetes Camp (2)
Car Rental Companies can locate lost or stolen vehicles (1)
Tracking jury summons (1)
Ski lift ticket Buying & Tracking (1)
Hotel dApp Quest - Spatial Tickets Giveaway (1)
Attendee tracking at the confrence (1)
“dApp Quest - Spatial Tickets Giveaway” (1)
Runners who run long distances and want to be safe (1)
Rescue Support during natural disasters (5)
Subcontractors on and off jobs (4)
Defibrillator save lives (4)
XYO on a SmartCard (1)
Medical location (3)
Real Estate Brokerage Fraud Protection (3)
Bicycle tracking (2)
Tracking Medicine (2)
XYO Travel app game idea (2)
Lost Pet Tracking (19)
Lifestyle information / rewards (4)
Wildlife tracking (1)
Marathon runners verification and times (1)
Clocking on and off for work! (10)
Beachside bars and resorts to use XYO for frosty beverage delivery via drone (5)
XYO and RadMaps: Bringing Authenticity to San Diego Reviews (5)
Elderly people or infimed people (3)
Just had an idea!? (9)
Drones with blue noses>>?:O (4)
Law enforcement, multiple uses (13)
Possible Ocean Mapping? (6)
Security Guard Location Tracking (6)